Hi, I’m Nikos.


I graduated from the Computer Engineer and Informatics Department at the University of Patras, Greece.


As an engineer, I love solving complex problems. As a software developer, I like automating their solutions. Keeping an eye on details, I work to make sure such solutions are easy to use.


My preferred tools of the trade are Python, Javascript and Google Sheets.


I like exploring the limits of Google Sheets, and how they can be used as a friendly UI for heavy computational processes running in the cloud.


I love Python, which has emerged as the main tool for any kind of scripts, including machine learning.


I am building a range of skills across the stack: In the back-end, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Shell scripting; in the front-end, WordPress, HTML and CSS.


I’m excited with a breadth of new technologies, ranging from machine learning (Tensorflow) to IoT (RaspberryPi) to blockchain (Solidity).


After all, I code to build new things and deliver value. Being early in my career, my prime interest is accelerated knowledge – this is what I’m struggling for every day.


Feel free to contact me, or catch me on media.